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I found this great site today - Dynamite Weddings. It has fabulous quick tips from past brides and it's a really easy read. Add it to your blog list for tons of new ideas!

Here's an example

Trend - Rain Card
Couples are trying to be well prepared for any potential situation these days. If you're having a wedding reception during a potentially rainy season, think about including a rain card with an alternate location or directions in case it rains.

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From the site:
It is an innovative, complimentary service igniting the industry by sharing new ideas and industry “Tips and Trends” or TNT. The primary and unique focus of Dynamite Weddings is our daily changing content that engages, empowers, and inspires brides and grooms throughout their wedding plans. The eye catching content offers interaction between brides and experts, which differs from current sites that merely catalog vendors.
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