An Inviting Weekend

Rick and I love making invitations. It all started with our nephew's first birthday in 2006 (above). Since then we have not bought a single invitation. There's just something about putting your heart into making something highlighting such special events. 

September is a pretty busy month - between weddings we have Trey's 3rd Birthday (how can he be turning 3 already?!) and my bestest friends' baby shower. So Rick and I spent the weekend how any other married couple does - making invitations! 

Thought I would share some of our creations. Enjoy :)

How appropriate is this for a 3 year old?! 

Jess's shower invite - yes we love the bengals!

My sister's baby shower 

My niece's 1st Bday invite - we did a black pocketfold with a direction and RSVP card. We finished it off by putting a pink gem in HK's bow and a pink and white polka dot belly band. They were adorable. 

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the mrs. said...

Those are so cute! What program do you use to make them? You and Rick are so crafty!!


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