The Green Kangeroo

While browsing for some wedding ideas today I stumbles upon this invitation site - The Green Kangaroo and I must say I LOVE it! I'm already a sucker for great paper but their designs are fresh and inspiring. The added bonus - if your on a budget it's a great place to get design ideas! 

For this specific event (check it out on their blog) they took one central theme (dots) and tied it throughout the entire wedding. This connects all your details together thus making all of your single elements one cohesive and ascetically pleasing design. 

Also check out their 'by theme' link - there's a whole lot of dots, black & white, pink & green goodness just waiting to be unveiled :)

P.S. Here's the new take on the ever so popular pocketfold invitation. Literally one pocket with everything enclosed. Love it. 

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