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I came across this post today on Eclatante's blog and I thought it was such a great idea (and full of wonderful information) that I had to share. Thanks for the great post!

Drawing a blank…

For a while now, people have been daring to send blank response cards in their invitations.

Just like fill-in response cards, blank response cards are coordinated beautifully with the invitation. They, too, say something like kindly respond by such -&-such-a-date across the top or the bottom. They’re even tucked in nicely under the flap of the self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Nothing could be easier.

But here’s where it all gets a little crazy. There’s nothing else — no______________ , no menu choices, no box to check whether you accept with pleasure or regretfully decline. Nothing. Just a blank card.

Now What?


Response cards by Two Paper Dolls



Card by The Papery of Philadelphia

Do you remember the first time you got one of these? I do.

I consider myself to be a pretty well educated woman, but for a short time after receiving my first blank response card, I was completely stymied. I turned the card over and over and searched the invitation for another card. After discussing it with friends, I finally came to the inevitable conclusion that there really is only one option. I was supposed to actually respond in my own words to the invitation. In other words “be clever”

So, here’s the important question:
What happens in reality?
I asked stationery professionals and couples who have used the blank cards and here’s what I found out.

Are couples happy about their decision to use a blank response card?
Absolutely! So fun to get them!! Personal messages were so much better (I thought) than the fill-in. Karen

the blank cards were wonderful. I got wonderful “letters” written to us that I will cherish forever! I have them all in a scrapbook on black paper - makes them pop and looks fantastic. Tara

We’ve got poems and drawings and all kinds of silliness. Ah. Yes. I can’t recommend blank RSVP cards highly enough. The entertainment value alone is worth any possible mix-ups. Anon Blogger

They wrote about how they’d known us since we were little, or about how they were related…just to give some context for the wedding. We’ve got them all saved in a scrap book, Lauren & Josh

I think it really revealed a cool level of creativity from some folks, but confused others, If I had it to do over again, i’d probably put something on them to make sure that we got all the information we needed (name, number of attendees, steak/veggie, etc.)….It’s a Mixed bag. Dustin

florish.pngWhat do the Professionals think?

Its the most old fashioned way to send an rsvp card. It’s also so much fun to read the great notes and messages people will send back in regard to their excitement about your upcoming event. my personal feeling is, unless you have to have check boxes, leaving a blank space for people to respond and be creative is exciting!Vanessa, Owner Two Paper Dolls

The notes couples receive on blank response cards create a great keepsake. I have brides who are reluctant at first, but love the outcome. It’s such a way to combine the old and the new. People can respond with traditional responses or they respond with fun greetings. Years and years later, the couple can look at those cards and really remember the people at their wedding. Carolyn, Owner Papery of Philadelphia

florish.pngSome of our favorites

Here’s one from Laura Novak’s blog.


Very touching
The wedding will be a beautiful and wonderful day! Our wishes for you both are for love, oy and friendship always. Be kind to one another — that will see you through any trying time. Remember how you felt the day of your wedding…. It is an honor to be part of such a wonderful event, for two very special people. Tara & Scott

Great Story
My sister had a friend from college with whom she had a running joke about pizza delivery. On his response, he wrote that he wanted “Dominoes”. So she had a pizza delivered to his table during dinner. Karen

florish.png I’m so confused!

Problem: the not-helpful response card:
One guest replied very simply with (not another word) — the bride had to track him down to identify him. Other guests may not think to sign their names!

Solution: itsy bitsy numbers on the back of the card in a bottom corner. Each corresponds to the number of the line on the excel spreadsheet where the guests information resides. Voila!

Problem: Friends call:
Some people will contact the couple and will ask questions about how to respond:
A few people (mostly my friends) called to say, “Umm….we’re not sure how to respond to the wedding. What do we put on this card? “ Josh

Solution: When the phone rings, say hello to your friends and answer their questions. It’s fun to communicate with people about the wedding!

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LOVE it!! Totally going to do this!

BTW - my mom and I spend Saturday night making Save the Dates! I am sending you one so you can see them too!!

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How wonderful that you noticed our blog post! it was great fun to put together. I love this wedding blog much fun to read.

Hope we meet again SOON!

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