Tres Chic Wedding: A+R at Cincinnati Country Club

After most events Rick and I re-cap the day and talk about what went well and what we can improve on. When we left A+R's wedding we couldn't talk about anything else but how amazingly sweet A's family is. Seriously, I kinda want to crash their family events - they are that darn sweet!

However, since this is an event blog and not a listen-to-me-rave-about-families blog, I will jump ahead and share the details from this fabulous wedding!

First check this out:

Yuuuuuuum. Am I serious about the gorgeous-ness that abounds? Yes, yes I am. 

Ok let me calm myself down and take a step back...

Meet our team:
Photographer: Michael Bambino (Kim)
Videographer: Poetic Cinema 
Band: Johnny Clueless
Cake: Megan Ketover with the Hilton {and top chef desserts!}
Late night snack: Gold Star Chili Mobile
Rentals: Primetime Party Rentals
*all images below are taken by me, unless otherwise stated*

This was our first event at CCC and I cannot express just how great they are. I worked closest with Rodney but the entire team was wonderful to work with. I truly hope we have the opportunity again soon! I didn't get a picture of the outside of the club so I lifted this one from google because I think you need to see it - it's just beautiful.

To put a modern spin on things A chose to incorporate a subtle sprinkling of ombre into the decor. This cake is a perfect example of the effect. 

and the cake topper? That was A's grandmother's. I believe they've used it at several weddings including her mother's. I'm such a sucker for traditions. 

Once inside the club guests were greeted by this beautiful place card setting.

Directly to the other side was this fun ice luge. Both the bride and groom's last names start with a "C" so this was perfect. Their crowd was way into this - trouble was sure to follow....

{could this club be more beautiful?!}

We had 2 different centerpieces. The first was a collection of 3 vases with hydrangeas, roses and a peony. The vases were take-aways, the guests could just take a full arrangement at the end of the night! It's like your guests get them as favors and the flowers get a second life! It's a win-win!

{that's a peony?! GAK! Love!}

The other was a single glass vase wrapped with lace with an ombre rose arrangement

While the set up of the event was important, A and mom's main concern was that everyone had a good time. To ensure this they hired our favorite band, Johnny Clueless. We've worked with them several times and every time they have the dance floor packed. Seriously, every.single.time. They are super talented and great to work with. If your looking for a band make sure to check them out!

I can't wait to see the professional pictures! I know Kim got much much better pictures than I did!

Congratulations you two {and your awesome families!!!} Lots of love!!
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