C+T - Married at Bell Event Center!

Helloooo my lovely peeps! I know I've been absent. Let's skip the drawn-out apologies and dive into a wedding, shall we?

I've been very excited for C+T's wedding for months! Why? Let me count the ways...

1. C is super-sweet and fabulous, that always makes for a fun day!
2. The ceremony and reception were at The Bell Event Centre. We LOVE this place! Not only is it beautiful but the staff is just amazing. I truly enjoy working with Amy and her team.
3. The couple was inspired by all things Roman. Hello statues, unique and very cool.
4. Coldstone delivered..wait for cream cupcakes. Yes!
5. We got to work with the uber-fabulous Mark and Jennifer Garber and Courtenay Lambert stepped in to save the day 3 weeks before the wedding. She's good at that.
6. Rick stepped outside his comfort zone and skyped with C's prego sister in Austraila on the ipad! This is huge people, Rick doesn't 'work the internet machine' very well. He thinks blogs are like chat rooms....
7. Ice cream cupcakes. Yep, counts twice.

Morning C! Getting beautified by Glossa!

If your in Cincy and are looking for the personalized hangers I have a great vendor for you :) 

LOVE the color combination. Very chic. 

Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Courtenay rocks my world :)

Centerpiece #1 - Clean, simple branches with orchids 

Centerpiece 2 - Roman statues that the couple collected over time. Very unique

Centerpiece 3, Keyante bottles with simple blooms

Memory Table

Escort card display. Pictures don't do it justice, it was beautiful. And took forever to set up...

Guestbook  - they had a local calligrapher print prompts for the guests to respond to. 

Bell Event Centre in all it's glory. It's always so stunning!

The money shot - the ice cream cupcake! It was as good as it sounds...

and a wee little teasers from the incredible Garber team. I'll post their shots sooooooon. 

Happy Weekend Everyone! My little seister {ok technically Rick's little sister and my little seister-in-law} gets married next Friday!! So excited and will post asap. I also have plans to blog her Roaring 1920's theme bachelorette weekend, complete with burlesque lessons and a party bus. Like a real bus. 

In the meantime, come back soon to see pictures from the most unique wedding we've EVER done. The card box was a replica of Bender {like from Futurama, Bender} and the boutonnières were computer chips and motorcycles AND it was shot by the incomparable Tine Hoffman. Oh yeah, it's that good! See you soon!
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