Cupcake bar? Yes Please!!!

Cupcakes are the new cake. Did you know that? Seriously, there's been this huge surge in cupcakes over the past year {or two}. I mean you've got a TV show dedicated to Cupcake Wars for gosh sakes. I'd say they are pretty darn popular.

One night when I was brainstorming on some new ideas for weddings I found myself thinking "why not have a cupcake bar?!" {ok maybe I was watching cupcake wars at the time. And maybe Mindy Weiss was on it....} 

So, I pop on my little computer and start researching...and would you believe it? One of my favorite blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, did an amazing concept shoot last year featuring - you guessed it - DIY cupcake topping bar. For real - in love.

They did a rustic theme but you could easily transform the ideas to fit any feeling your trying to accomplish. My favorite part? The gourmet fillings...

The trick to keeping the fillings in place it to apply the icing in a circle like this:

Seeing as how most guests wouldn't know that, I think the perfect addition to this bar is a how to video of you and your man instructing the guests on how to assemble them. How cute would that be? You could have so much fun and I pretty much promise your guests would love it! It's another glimpse into who you and your hubs are and how much you love each other. And THAT is what makes a good and memorable wedding.
mmmmmm....I'll have the first one please ;)

Have you seen this done at any weddings? Is it something you would be interested in? Talk to me!
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Cindy said...

i was so ahead of that curve! and not to mention the cake-pops! :)


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