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So much of the wedding market is geared to the bride it's refreshing to see something for the men. is a site where men can get real advice about weddings - whether they're contemplating engagement, committed to taking "the plunge," or even just a groomsman. It gives readers an unconventional, unflinchingly honest perspective on the entire wedding process, which can be quite amusing.

The site dispenses tips and advice on buying the ring and getting engaged to wedding planning, bachelor parties and booking the honeymoon. Additional features include an interactive forum for guys to swap advice, an "Ask The Expert" feature where users can mail their question to the editors, weekly polls and a monthly Plunge newsletter.

Forward this to the man in your life and help him feel empowered about the big day. However, I'm not responsible for any smart remarks he gets from his time spent there...

I got lost on the site for hours! Here are a couple of the lists that caught my eye:

  • Thank Yous
  • Thank the In-Laws.
  • Thank your parents.
  • Thank the wedding party.
  • Thank your wife.
  • Thanks the In-Laws again.
  • Avoiding Early Wife Strife
  • Tell her she looks beautiful.
  • Tell her again.
  • Don't drift too far apart.
  • Only shove frosting in her face if she's given you the green light.
  • Not Passing Out
  • Eat before you greet all your guests.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • In advance, arrange for food to be brought back to your hotel room.
  • Things to bring
  • Powerbar
  • Tissues, for your tears
  • Cash (for tipping vendors)
  • Spare undershirt (in case you're sweating)
  • Vendor contracts
  • Well-trained liver
  • Directions to reception
  • ** note - if you have me and Rick you can forget about the tips, tissues and contracts - we'll have those on hand for you
  • General Responsibilities
  • Give a speech thanking the above.
  • Make sure the Best Man isn't sh$tfaced before he gets the mic.
  • Talk to every single guest. Literally every single one.
  • Stay until at least 11pm.
  • Keep up your defenses against the In-Laws.
  • Mingle with the shmucks you hate.
  • Toss the garter.
All kidding aside there are some very useful tips on the site. Plus it gives you a little insight into the male's a very scary place......happy reading Y

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