A new twist on response cards...

If you follow this blog {and you should...} you know that I love to mix things up. Ordinarily I am a fairly traditional girl but when it comes to weddings I love a little surprise, especially when it's something we see over and over again.

Everyone knows that when they open an invitation that there will be a response card enclosed. Normally that card looks like this:

Now Imagine if you opened an invite and saw this:

Huh? It's blank! Yep - it's a blank canvass for you to write/draw anything you want! I normally add a little handwritten note when I reply but sometimes I feel like I'm "messing" up the card. This gives me creative freedom to share my love with the couple! Then of course you have to display it at the reception. All your guests will get a kick out of seeing their handiwork displayed and feel extra close to you because they got to be a part of it.

{from Fete}

Want to take it a step further? Who remembers mad libs?? Oh yeah, mad lib response cards. How much fun would this be?

{from Pearls Events}

So think outside the box, let your personality show and just have fun!!
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