Websites I love....Bravo Bride

Continuing with my favorite websites let me introduce you to a little site called Bravo Bride. Now I know about the trash to treasure board on the knot and I think it's fantastic so consider this just another tool in your arsonal. Bravo Bride is a place where you can find all your wedding needs {from dresses to place card holders!} in one spot for a fraction of the cost of renting or doing it yourself.

Here are a few items that jumped out to me while I was poking around today {instead of working..oops}

12x110 damask runners {also in black} $9.95

A glorious pair of purple Stuart Weitzman Pumps {Steph??} $175

Wood place card holder {love it!} $25

another damask runner for good measure ;) $160 for 12

Chargers - $100 for 100

I wonder what you'll find over there....

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