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Ok kids settle in...story time again! And it's WAY long! But a pretty good story....

Some of you may or may not know the story of us. But seeing as it's our 3rd Year Anniversary today {!!!!} I thought I would share our story with you. Plus you all bless us with the opportunity to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives - here's a little of mine ;)

Many many years ago {16 to be exact} a young girl walked into a classroom for the first day of 6th grade at a new school. Sitting in this class was a boy who was immediately smitten with the 'new girl'. Pretty soon they were sitting next to each other and passing notes back and forth and running from each other on the playground. The boy finally had the courage to ask the girl to be his girlfriend and she said yes! 

Meet the boy and girl: Kristen & Rick; me & my love. 

The school year went on and they were the 'it' couple. {OK switching tenses now...} We had dates at the roller-skating rink and Rick even gave me a beautiful ID bracelet and monogrammed necklace. Several months later, like most 6th graders, I decided it was time to move on and chase another boy. So I did what every other kid does -  I had my best friend call Rick and dump him. I even refused to talk to him. Hey - I was 13!!!

Well apparently Rick was deep in puppy love and this crushed his little heart. From that moment on he refused to talk to me. Years went by - we both had serious relationships in high school with other people - and we literally did not speak. In fact, I'm not sure we even looked at each other. Then one day before senior year my friend had the random idea to stop over at Rick's to say hi. I figured sure - why not - and bounced up to his doorstep. And I was smitten. I mean smmmiiitttteeeennn. He drove me home that night and his dad had to come jump the car due to the amount of time we spent talking with the door open. The year went on and we became the best of friends. But I was already so in love with him. I remember turning to my friend in homeroom and saying {and I quote} "I'm going to marry him someday" and she replied - your crazy! Your not even dating him!! Details....

Here we are at our senior prom:

Now it was Rick's turn to break my heart - like most boys he didn't want to head off to college with a girlfriend. Duh. So we head off to college as friends {with a spark} and meet up whenever we're home. But nothing more. Sophomore year comes along and I tell myself I'm over him and start talking to other boys. Then a tragedy hit and we lost someone very close to both of us. Rick calls {after not speaking for months} and proceeds to tell me he's made all the arrangements and to meet him at his house. I remember it so clear - I walked into his house, he came running {ok not running...walking swiftly maybe} and gives me the biggest hug. I can't describe how it felt but at that moment we knew we were meant to be together. We ended up going to diner with his dad and my mom and his dad tells her "Kristen is lucky Rick is giving her another chance. She really broke his heart in 6th grade". I mean really? Good god we we're 13!!!!

So from that moment on it's been Rick & Kristen, Kristen & Rick. After 2 looong years of a distance relationship we both finally graduated. 
We moved back to Cincy, got our first apartment in Hyde Park {seriously so small - how did we do that?!} and got started with our life together. 2 years later Rick proposes on New Year's Eve at my sister's house. And we have it on video. Love it. Then I proceeded to call all my sorority sisters and yell at a crazy loud voice - WE'RE ENGAGED!!!! 2 years after that, on September 2, 2006 we *finally* got married. 

And that's the story of us. 

And now for your viewing pleasure, some pics from our wedding at Ivy Hills Country Club. Shot by {you got it!} Kortnee Kate {nee Simply Timeless Photography} If your still even reading....

{One of my all-time favorite pictures}

{It's important to have a good time at your wedding!!}

And that's us! We drive each other crazy but he's the love of my life. Thanks for entertaining me and reading about us! 

And Bon Anniversaire my love! xoxo

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MelissaF said...

What a great story. You forgot to add "And they lived happily ever after..." Congratulations to you and Rick!

PicturesByTracy said...

Loved reading your story. I'm a little teary eyed now; that was beautiful:)

Ted said...

love the senior prom photos! AWESOME!


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