Jennifer and Paul - Take 2 {by Steve}

Seriously - I'm in love with these pictures of Jen & Paul. {You can check out my ghetto ones here} Steve Lyons completely hit it out of the park. Ah-mazing. Thank you Steve!! It's always a pleasure. 

Jen - your gorgeous! Paul - your a lucky man ;) Muah!

The next 2 might be my favorite shots. Ever. Whoa!

{Ricky to the rescue! She's sitting on his jacket to avoid the rusty stairs!}

The whole dang wedding party look like supermodels! As Kort would say "work it, work it" haha. Love it. 

How sweet is this? It just makes me smile. 

Lots of love Jen & Paul! We miss you ;)
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Jennifer said...

We miss you! The whole day would not have gone smooth without you! I hope the rest of your summer weddings are going well!


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