My favorite aisle - how to.

So this was one of the inspiration pictures for my own wedding in 2006. I ended up purchasing the extra large hurricanes and lining the aisle with them but I never did figure out how to make that aisle so full of petals. I just didn't see how they would work with an outside wedding without blowing away. Plus when I priced out how much a gazillion petals would run me I decided it wasn't worth the cost.

Well I finally figured it out. These are rose petals scattered on the ground at all! In fact {wait for it.....wait...} it's petal fabric! Yep petal fabric - genius! And it only took me 3 years and endless hours on the internet to finally stumble upon it. 

Click your way over to Edley Associates for available colors and pricing. Seriously how did I miss this??  :)
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