Megan & Nick

At the risk of sounding like a 13-year old..{{O.M.G.}} We had such an amazing time with these two. Rick, Tine and myself we literally gushing about Megan and Nick - and their fabulous parents - this wedding totally re-charged us as we push through the craziness of our schedule. It doesn't hurt that we had a great team with us, too :) Meet them:

Church - The b-e-a-utiful Mother of God Catholic Church
Reception: Uber-fab Marriott Rivercenter 
Photog: Tine Hoffman {hello amazing}
Makeup: Nancy {brideface fame}
DJ & Lighting: Party Pleasers 
Cake: Marilyns
Florist: Jackson Florist {fun funky and fabulous}

Below are some composites from the day followed by some shots I stole from Megan's Facebook. I had to show off that dress! Thanks Megan :) I'll post pics as soon as Tine gets them edited!! 

Cocktail hour space:


AYFKM with that dress? I love a fashionista bride!
{wait til you see the reception dress! mmmm}

Meet Nancy - makeup artist extraordinaire

Much love Megan & Nick! We loooooved our time with you two! 
Thanks for allowing us to share it with you. 
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megan mc. said...

Love it!! Thanks for all the compliments. Church is Mother of God Catholic, not Presb. (Though my dad is Presb so he probably wishes!) Talk soon! Will send you what I get from Tine ASAP! :)

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Yikes! That's what I get for blogging while Rick was anxiously waiting to pick up his new golf club...thanks Megan :)


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