Goodbye Simply Timeless...Hello Kortnee Kate!

Rick and I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Ted and Kortnee Miller from Simply Timeless Photography for over 3 years now. Not only did they shoot our wedding {fabulously I might add} but we've had the honor of being able to call them our true friends. So when they decided to give their company a little makeover we were behind them all the way. After much deliberation they settled on the new name: Kortnee Kate Photography. 

Hello fabulousness. 

In true Miller style they had to have a huge dance party launch shindig. With help from Courtenay Lambert Florals, DJ Toad, Funky's Catering, Allison from Aviva Events and yours truly we rocked it. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Kortnee Kate! 

Check out their new site and I promise you'll fall for them just like we did so many years ago!

My fabulous counterpart {and someone else who over-uses the word fabulous. Love it}

Kort the supermodel 

Meet Bo. Rick's best friend. We're a package deal. 

The always-adorable Courtenay Lambert. Love the bangs. 

Let the dance party begin!

Ted is always doing something goofy. Exhibit A:

Thanks for the Rockin' Party!

Lots of love Ted & Kort and congrats on the new journey! 
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