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Introducing florist extraordinaire Courtenay Lambert with Courtenay Lambert Florals...

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Courtenay Lambert

Location: Covington, KY (servicing Greater Cincinnati)

Company Name: Courtenay Lambert Florals

Type of Vendor: floral and event design – meaning flowers and anything that has to do with the look and feel of the event from a d├ęcor standpoint

Number of Years in Business: 7

How did you get started in the wedding industry?
I’m one of six girls, and one of my sisters lives in West Palm Beach and was planning her wedding there. She decided to DIY her flowers, so I was helping my mom and aunt put the bouquets and arrangements together…and I had a blast! I worked for many years in corporate, most recently as a consultant for GE. But I always knew I wanted to tap into my creative side more than I could while working in corporate America, and I’ve always loved flowers. Really, I should have known my calling when I was in college. My friends and I used to throw some incredible parties. We would have themes, costumes, and even make up songs about the party…we were truly obsessed and we were actually pretty good at it…too bad we weren’t graded on it. Once, we had a fraternity hire us (because some of the members attended one of our parties) to plan a party for them to try and bring in new members, and we of course jumped on the chance…we didn’t need much of an excuse to throw a party, but it was nice to have one all the same.

Anyway, after my sister’s wedding, I enjoyed putting together the flowers so much that I immediately signed up for flower classes when I got back to Cincinnati. At the time, I lived in Mt. Adams and I started distributing business cards to shops and businesses in that area. I started to get small weddings at Immaculata Church and around the Mt. Adams area, and as the word spread, I started getting more and more requests. Lucky for me, I had a very flexible schedule with GE. As my business grew, my responsibilities at GE lessened, which was perfect. And now, 7 years later, the scales have tipped and I’m fully immersed in my floral and event design business.

How did you pick your company name?
I toyed with names like Blossoms, Inc., Blooms Etc., Fleur A Flair, and others. But, I wanted a name that I would look at in three years and not feel like it was trendy and think, “why on earth did I choose that name?” So, I decided to go with the name that my parents gave me. And, I’m not sick of it yet.

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently?
Wow, that’s a tough question. Any time I’ve made a mistake or even just changed the way I did something to improve a process, it has been such a good learning experience. So, I don’t think I would change much…I think you fine tune your skills and develop best practices through repetition and experience, and sometimes by making mistakes. The only thing I would have liked to been able to do is work with an industry guru like Colin Cowie, Tara Guerard, Sasha Souza, or Karen Tran. But, since I had to keep my day job while I was getting started, that wouldn’t have been possible. I still think about taking a month in the off season to go work with some of these people. I think the experience would be invaluable and at the same time I’m sure it would be a blast.

What is your company philosophy?
Quality is paramount. It is not in my nature to cut corners, use sub-standard product, or to turn out a product that does not meet my quality standards. I will not let something go out of my doors unless it looks gorgeous! I carry this ideal through every aspect of my business, including choosing quality flowers, linens, vases, ribbons, and whatever other materials we use. My philosophy is that this is a onetime party you’re throwing, and flowers are a delicacy like caviar or fine champagne. People sometimes say that flowers are just going to die, and this is true. But really, everything about an event is fleeting (the only thing you really get to take home with you is your husband and your dress), and I believe it is the details from the most obvious ones to the little ones that really make an event special. Flowers are a breathtaking delicacy, and they really set the tone for your event…big or small.

What's one thing you want clients/vendors to know most about your services?
I got into this business because I love it. I love being able to share in one of the most special days of a person’s life…it is a blast. It doesn’t matter to me whether a client is keeping things simple or doing something on a grand scale, we can create something gorgeous. I think that great style can be achieved no matter your price range. Sometimes simple, sleek and minimalistic fits into the budget better than grand opulence. Either way, with the customer’s input we can put something gorgeous together that uniquely reflects their style.

Do you have any hidden talents or favorite hobbies?
I love to entertain and socialize with friends and family. I wish I could say I had some noteworthy, admirable talent, but I don’t. Before I started my business, I used to cook, paint, and knit more. Most of these hobbies have been pushed aside to make room for my very busy schedule. I have to say, it doesn’t bother me though, because I sometimes joke that a day working with me is like a day in an arts and crafts class. Nothing makes me happier than busting out the glue gun and some paper, fabric, or ribbon and creating something fabulous for one of my customers. My job pulls in both the creative and the business side of my brain, and it is a perfect combination for me.

What are your three favorite blogs besides The Tres Chic Bride?
Besides the Courtenay Lambert Florals blog , I love - Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings Magazine, and Karen Tran Florals

I am such a huge fan of Courtenays - when I see that one of our clients is working with her I automatically breathe a sigh of relief. Here's some of her work {photos taken by Kortnee with Simply Timeless Photography. L.O.V.E her!}

Couldn't resist posting this one - love the emotion behind it! Kudos Kort :)

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Courtenay Lambert said...

Girllllll...thank you so much, and right back atcha!!! I love working with you and your customers as well!

nanno said...

what a cool profile!
Love ya Court! you look about 15 yrs old in that headshot. Keep it!!!!


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