Damask Lamps

So many people have emailed asking about the damask lamps. No, this is not my wedding {though I wish it was!!} and no, I didn't design it. My best advice if you like this look is to purchase some damask lamp shades or make your own! DIY instructions are below. Or buy one ready-made at target ;) Hope this helps a little!


black candle stick (Hobby Lobby has a lot of them)
13x13 damask print paper/fabric
a similar shape lamp shade (ikea has some)

Wrap the paper/fabric around the lampshade and secure with spray on glue or glue gun
The lamp shade should have a ring at the bottom so you can glue it to the candlestick

You can find better, in-depth instructions here and step-by-step instructions for the damask with pictures here.

Or buy at Target

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