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If you know me, or you have read the 'about' section of our website you know that I love fashion. It was {is} in the forefront of my mind as I develop my brand - it's who I am and something I try to bring into our events. I find such inspiration from it, on my days off I literally browse the mall for hours. Not to buy anything but just to see what's out there. Since fashion has played such a large role in Tres Chic I thought I should bring some fashion to the blog! So when I find something fabulous out there I'm going to share it with my lovely readers. We'll call them 'fashion passion' {FP} posts ;) What do you guys think? Interested? Let me know - I'd love some feedback!

Onto the first post....

Guess which classic American designer label is behind these lovelies.....

Figure it out yet?!

Give up? Are you ready to hear??
OK here it is... It's Liz Claiborne!!!

YES! The same designer that I always bypass because I don't want to look like a 40 year old mom {nothing wrong with that!! It's just that I'm not even 30 yet}. LC hired Tim Gunn {project runway} a couple of seasons ago and Isaac Mizrahi just left Target to be the head designer. What a fabulous team they have turned out to be! The first collection, Spring 2009, was just released and I am totally loving it! Macy's here I come~ more proof that you can never count someone out :)
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Cindy and Brent Cullen said...

you are going to stump me on the guess the designer because i'd like to say i follow fashion, but truth is, i don't. i can't afford to! i do know how tim and issac are however. love them!


Kristen said...

haha and that's one of the reason we love you so much ;)


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