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Since starting Tres Chic in 2007 Rick and I have had the honor of meeting so many fabulous people in and around Cincinnati. It really is those relationships that allow us to bring our clients the very best service possible. So in honor of our great vendor friends I thought I would create our very first weekly feature - Meet The Vendors.

Check back often to meet some of the amazing people that make things happen.
To be fair I thought I would kick this off by answering my own questions. Not as a {shameless} plug but so you can get to know me just a little bit better.

Name: Kristen N. Kloth {and Rick!}

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Company Name:
Tres Chic Event Planning

Type of Vendor: Event Coordinator

Number of Years in Business: 1.5

How did you get started in the wedding industry? After coordinating weddings as favors several vendors I was working with asked me to come work for them. I figured if someone wanted to pay me to do it then I could do it myself! It literally took off from there and has kept us very busy!

How did you pick your company name? I wanted something that incorporated my love for fashion and design without sounding cheesy. I have always been infatuated with all things French and 'chic' has always been my favorite adjective so it just clicked! Tres Chic = Very Stylish. Love it!

If you had to start over what one thing would you do differently? I would have started sooner and raised my pricing. Sorry, we're being honest here ;) I would also have had more confidence in myself and my abilities.

What is your company philosophy? Every couple deserves 'friend' in the industry. No matter the budget or guest list, every client gets the personal attention they need. We're also very budget conscience, Chanel style on a target budget :)

What's one thing you want clients/vendors to know most about your services? Please please please hire a wedding coordinator. A
site coordinator is not an event coordinator. The site coordinator is there to make sure their space is respected and taken care of. Your event coordinator is there to do make sure the couple (and their families) are respected and taken care of. Big difference!

Do you have any hidden talents or favorite hobbies? I'm a huge history dork and I love to shop for other people. I would totally be a stylist if I had the time!

What are your three favorite blogs besides The Tres Chic Bride?
Green Wedding Shoes, Bobbi + Mike and The Treasured Petal.
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