Tis the Season

Yes I mean the holiday season! I'm super excited to pick up my niece and nephew and head to mom's to make pumpkin pie tonight!! I love having my little mini-bakers (yes bakers, because if I called myself a cook I would be lying) help me in the kitchen!

But it's not only almost thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is exactly 13 days until my birthday!! Some would say I like my bday more than any holiday of the year. {{ and they would be right}} So for fun I thought I would post the little lovelies that I most covet this year.

2. Monogram Me! Monogrammed Umbrella

3. Personalized flip camera
Yep - that's a pic from our wedding - how cool is that?!

4. C.O. Bitelow Mentha Lip Tint - Heaven in a bottle! My fav lip gloss

5. A Nissan 350 Z
(manual transmission please...btw - why even make it in an automatic????)

6. Louis Vuitton Monogram Montorgueil PM

Ok so the last two are way out of my budget...but a girl can dream can't she?! haha

{{Back to real life}} Rick and I will actually be in Jamaica for my bday staying at this fabulous resort! That's all I need - sun, drinks, a good book and my amazing husband! (And these boots - the dark brown signature ones - that my amazing husband just bought me for the occasion (bday, not Jamaica..duh))
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