I stumbled on these photos while searching the web. Its a bio from The Knot and I think it really incorporates a lot of the trends in weddings today. I try to find pictures and ideas to inspire my brides and anyone else out there who's reading! Hopefully something below inspires you :)

OK I digress...back to these stunning details from my new favorite bio.

Peonies, roses and hydrangea mix - Classic and modern at the same time.

Ceremony Decor:
Keep it nice and simple. Line the aisle and then create a focal point. I also love the simplicity of lining the aisle with thick lines of rose petals. Filling the entire aisle with the petals makes a huge impact as well. Just make sure your purchase enough petals to make a it full!

You can find shepherd hooks like these at stores like Michaels..hit them at the end of the summer, the will be under $5 each!

Very unique backdrop. It would also be beautiful with flower letters like this one from Courtenay Lambert

Reception Decor:
O.M.G These centerpieces are gorgeous!! I love the variety of the mix of round and rectangle tables (props to HP). When looking at these photos pay attention to the small details on each table.
HP - this could be a good option for you..I would look for clear candle holders vs. the wrought iron. But imagine those in the Cincinnati Club!!

I have a secret - I am oddly obsessed with napkins. Nothing makes my skin crawl like fanned napkins inside a cup. I'm sorry if I offend anyone with that statement. But there are so many other ways to actually use the napkin to add a visual element to your table! I have never seen the set up above but I love the graphic image it creates. I may add it to my repertoire of napkin folds :)

I am loving the strings of crystals - this is a pretty easy way to add another layer to your CPs. It can transform a simple CP to something special - imagine the (cost effective) arrangement below with the addition of a couple crystal drops.

For you, ML :)

A beautiful and unique sweet heart table

I swear I had this idea years ago!! I have been trying to get someone to listen! Maybe now that I have a visual to put with the idea someone fabulous - leaving a thank you note in your guests cars via the valet. I promise 99% of the general public have never seen this before and it will leave a lasting impression on every single one of them! A close second is to leave a note hanging on the outside of your hotel guests' rooms for them to discover upon their return from you unforgettably chic wedding :)

OK there were lots of details/ideas in there...which were your favorites?!? I want to hear from you! (please and thank you!).

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Jenn O said...

Love the thank you note in the valet!

Mary Lynn said...

I'm loving the tall arrangements with the crystals! Need to figure out how to make that happen... The girls' bouquets are just right, too!

Cindy and Brent Cullen said...

oh, i love the note on the rear view mirror...very clever! had i had valet, i would've listened to you!
i also like the shepherd's hood and lantern. simple, yet elegant.


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