Real Wedding!

Rick and I have been traveling fools for the past 2 weekends. Oct 25 took us to Atlanta for our Cousin's wedding where unseasonably cold weather kept us dancing! Kudos to the bride and Aunt Susie for planning such a beautiful event. It was wonderful!

Centerpieces - alternating high and low 

The his and her's cakes; A southern tradition 

You know how I love a pocketfold napkin! Plus a charger...mmm love it!

I love draping - check out the ceiling of the tent. So classic and elegant. It takes a tent to the next level of sophistication.  

Meet Jen! My favorite masseuse (and sister-in-law of course!!) We get a massage every other week and I highly recommend it. It keeps your body healthy and keeps you feeling good. 

A small glimpse of what I deal with on a daily basis. Hehe 

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