The Perfect Pair

I had the pleasure of being the ceremony coordinator for a wedding this weekend at CMC. They had a fall theme and it was gorgeous! Even though we didn't coordinate the entire evening I wanted to share some pics. The bride is from New York and visiting an orchard is a family tradition. They love their pear wine so they decided to incorporate the pear throughout their wedding. Their favors were bottles of the pear wine and pear scented candles (smelled sooo good).
Perhaps I am weird but I just love the look of fresh seating cards all lined up and ready to go. They look so clean and show the promise of all the fun that's sure to come!

Glendale florist made the fab centerpieces - they were there first thing in the morning and stayed until the end of the ceremony, Talk about personal attention! They mixed short and super tall centerpieces. Seriously, they were massive! They looked amazing!

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Heather said...

Hey Kristin! :)

Just wanted to say that I share your sentiment about table cards all lined up. Maybe that's just the Type A in me, though... ;)


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