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On my latest cruise of the Internet I found I Dream of Letters.
Her calligraphy is absolutely beautiful! You can find more of her work at her Etsy Shop. What really caught my attention was her recent post on the ultimate personalized invitation. If your a DIY bride this idea is completely do-able. Yes it may take a little longer to print one invite at a time but it won't cost more and it will make a HUGE impression! See below for her post :)

{Take a close look.... there is something very unique about this wedding invitation! The bride who asked me to address her invitation envelopes also asked to have each of her guests names written on the actual invitation itself. This idea was borrowed from a vintage Emily Post book.

As a successful writer and a woman of social position in her time, Emily Post's most notable publication was published in 1922, Etiquette - The Blue Book of Social Usage. Her "Blue Book," which was the American standard of etiquette for decades, was reported to be second only to the Bible as the book most often not returned or stolen from libraries! Emily Post believed that the key to good manners was to always keep in mind the feelings of others and act accordingly with good form of speech, proper social behavior and "charm of manner".}
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Heather said...

Just thought I'd say thanks for sharing her work. Just spoke with her today, and I think we're going to go with her for our paper products.

Thanks again! :)


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