Thinking Outside The Box

As I am sitting on the couch with this horrendous cold I thought I would take the time to visit my favorite blogs. As one led me to another I stumbled upon The Treasured Petal. I don't frequent many floral blogs but this one automatically jumped up to the top of my must read list. I don't know if it's because I'm in love with all things modern (which doesn't make much sense being that my first love is history...but whatev...) or that this particular wedding speaks to my obsession of using simple blooms en mass...whatever it is I just think the floral design in this wedding is ah-maz-ing.

Thanks to owner and head designer Kristin Brancaleone for her inspiring work!

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kristin said...

Wow, what a delight to see my work on your blog! Now you're headed to the top of MY must-read list :) Thanks and have a great weekend!

megan mc. said... this blog...thank you for posting! Checkout the green and whites on this entry: Showcase: Kadidja and Thomas… How to you like them apples?

LOOOOOOOVE these bouttanieres (sp??? I should probably learn how to spell that!)!!! :)


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