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I need a vacation...

I have been searching for a trip for several weeks now. We knew we wanted to go to the Caribbean, stay in a nice all inclusive resort for at least 4 nights. So I've been scouring the internet trying to find something in our budget. Well I wasn't having much luck so I thought I would speak with a travel agent. When I gave them (I spoke with 3) my budget they told me there was no way I could get everything I wanted for under 2k. While that's not a bad price I thought I could still find something in my budget.

Well I searched and searched and finally found a brand new resort, all inclusive for 5 nights for 1500. In your face TA's!! So I thought I would share my little story to encourage you to keep looking even when you feel discouraged. And to share my deal in case anyone else is looking for a good price on a vacation. 

I got our package through Don't forget to do a google search for additional coupons - I got an additional $200 off that way. I'm so excited!! You can see pics of the resort here. If anyone is on the knot share this in case anyone else is on a budget and needs some direction. And if you need some help we can always add a personal honeymoon agent as an a la carte item :)

So everyone mark December 5-10 as me being out of the office and on the beach in Jamaica! Happy Birthday to me! 
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