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Ok, first let me apologize for the lack of posting. I'm sorry - I'll sit myself in the corner as punishment...but First let me share some Fabulous Finds with you!

Goodness I love this place! I was browsing the other day up in the clearance section and kept seeing hot formal shoes. If you haven't bought your wedding day shoes you simply MUST find your way to the nearest DSW and pick them up at an unbelievable price. I was at the one in Rookwood but am sure all stores have them. Good Luck!

Sharing the knottie love - Monique is a former knottie who creates stunning custom bride and bridesmaids jewelry. Tres Chic!

I'm letting you readers in on a secret by posting this. That's how bad I feel about abandoning you for a week. This website is hands down one of my favorites. She has (so kindly) posted templates for many DIY products. There are several types of programs, menus and even escort cards. All with a special location for your monogram. How lovely. 

For all of you who have put off your programs and such you can breath a sigh of relief and just DL one from Ms. Jody. Hopefully that takes me off your naughty list. 

Happy Monday!

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